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What's Happening in:  All over South Philly 

Looking to host a block party? Now you can apply online!

Your block has probably talked about having a party at some point, but nobody wanted to ‘deal with the city’. I get it, I’ve done it. You need to fill out paperwork, go to Center City, etc.

Now, through the graces of the god of your choice, the Philadelphia Streets Department has made the who ordeal an online experience. Here’s how.

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What's Happening in:  All over South Philly 

South Philly News Roundup

Progress in the 13/15 Neighborhood Bikeway Project has – surprise! – sparked outrage. As part of phase one, signage started going up.

“You’re changing residential streets to be bike lanes,” said Girard Estate resident Jody Della Barba, “without telling the neighbors.

“I feel like once I cross Washington Avenue,” said cyclist Kate Mundie, who lives in South Philly east of Broad, “there’s this level of anger that just comes out.”

Mark Dent has more on this story here.

Back to Jody Della Barba. She also been a part of that whole “Parking Down the Middle of Broad Street: Yay-or-Nay Fest 2017”. The former secretary of Frank Rizzo wants it to stay a parking lot. even though she lives at least six blocks away from the action.

Craig LaBan posted a great review of Brewery ARS. If you haven’t been there yet – make time this weekend. They make some great brews.

There was a changing of the guards at Brigantessa and Le Virtu. Chef Joe Cicala is out.

An Indonesian BYOB just opened up. It’s located where Sky Cafe used to be (I loved that place).

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What's Happening in:  West Passyunk 

The Dog Enthusiast is opening a pet salon

Mike Cardone loves dogs. So much so that he started his own dog walking service in 2016, The Dog Enthusiast. It took off almost immediately as photos of his clients’ best friends landed on the company’s social media feeds. Recently, Mike made a big announcement – he was opening up a pet salon “in a few months”.


Mike Cardone and Rocky at Broad and Passyunk.

Upon hearing the great news, I reached out to Mike with some questions.
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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Manatawny Still Works is now open

If by chance you didn’t get to sample their spirits at last weekends Car Show and Street Festival or at the Newbold Blues Festival in June, the opportunity to do so at their new location on East Passyunk Ave is now.


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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

Bella Vista Neighbors Association coming to an end?

The trouble started back in 2012 when Joel Palmer, one of Philadelphia’s professional blight busters, had the audacity to try and take over a tax delinquent property in the Bella Vista neighborhood.

Photo by Naked Philly

Photo by Naked Philly

Some folks didn’t like that and filed a lawsuit against Joel and the civic association he just happened to be president of. The Bella Vista Neighbors Association was ultimately dismissed from the suit but by then, the damage was done.
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