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What's Happening in:  Pennsport 

Sacred Heart sale, St. John’s townhomes mean lots of action at Reed and Moyamensing

Pennsport hasn’t seen this much action since New Year’s. The sale of two former church-related buildings mean big changes for Moyamensing Avenue.

sacred heart


St. John the Evangelist Episcopal. Pic from Hidden City

St. John the Evangelist Episcopal. Pic from Hidden City

First, we told you back in November that the former Sacred Heart school at Moyamensing and Reed had been put up for sale by the Archdiocese. Well, the Daily News reported that the building is pending an agreement of sale to the Christopher Columbus charter school for $2.7 million. That charter operator now has locations at 13th and Wharton, right across from the soon-to-be rehabbed Columbus Square Park, and another near 9th and Christian.

We’re not sure if they plan to relocate and sell their current buildings or start up a brand new school. The charter just bought both of their buildings in 2011 for $4.6 million, according to city records.

Rosemary Dougherty, chief executive of Christopher Columbus, said the school “is still negotiating” and no decisions have been made.

We’ll be adding to the school ,” she said. “Exactly what our configuration is going to be, we have no idea. When we do know what we’re doing, we will set up a meeting with parents and community members.”

There is a fairly large parking lot next to Sacred Heart that they could build on, potentially making room for all 760 students.

Right across the street, however, St. John’s was being gutted in preparation for demolition, says Hidden City. The demolition permit was issued a few weeks ago. The sale hasn’t been finalized, but a source close to the deal tells us that plans are for 12 new townhomes with parking, not 11 condos as Hidden City reported.

It’s been a rough time recently for historical buildings in South Philly, with the Broad Street Armory coming down and the future of the Engine 46 firehouse in question. At least Annunciation is being converted instead of torn down.

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