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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Lots of new neighbors coming to little Camac Street

A new project was presented at East Passyunk Crossing’s July zoning meeting last week, and it represents a different type of development for the neighborhood.

Located at 1840-44 S. Camac St. and running through to Iseminger ( the now-defunct Mancini’s Catering building), the plan calls for the demolition of the catering hall and one other associated building, and the erection of seven new single-family houses.

This place used to be a nuisance, with parties going past midnight on Sundays

This place used to be a nuisance, with blaringly loud parties going past midnight on Sundays

The houses would front on an interior walkway, and the two end properties would have one-car garages opening onto Iseminger, which should help alleviate some of the neighbors’ concerns about the impact these new residents will have on parking. The two houses with parking are planned to be four stories, while the rest will be three. The uppermost level of each house will be set back to allow for a walk-out roof deck.

Several variances are needed. Due to the arrangement of the houses along a walkway, the project is considered as one multifamily development, as opposed to seven individual houses. Multifamily houses are not currently permitted on this property.

The lot coverage is greater than is currently allowed (but is less than what currently exists on the site). The two four-story houses also exceed the height limit by six feet. Garages are also not permitted in this neighborhood, though no one argued against them at the meeting, since they open onto Iseminger, which has no houses or parking, and very few pedestrians.

mancini 1840 artisan 004

The back of the building.

mancini 1840 artisan 007

Concerns from the neighbors included the aforementioned parking issue, as well as trash collection, demolition procedures, and the condition of Iseminger Street (also referred to as “The Oaks” by longtime residents–anyone have a story on that one?).

The current condition of Iseminger, where kids from the neighborhood get drunk on weekend nights in the summer

The current condition of Iseminger, where kids from the neighborhood get drunk on weekend nights in the summer

The developer, Steven Savitz, agreed that the street could use some help, and agreed to talk to the neighbors more about what could be done. Some strategies were also discussed for trash pick-up, security lighting, sidewalk improvements, and demolition safety and insurance. The architect is Stanev Potts Architects.

Prices for the new houses haven’t been set yet, but Savitz predicted the range to be $325,000-$475,000.

A straw poll after the meeting showed general support for the project.

– Ian Toner@Tonerarch

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