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What's Happening in:  Lower Moyamensing 

PHS recognizes Lukoil gas station community garden in gardening and greening contest

In Lower Moyamensing, the Lukoil gas station at 11th and Snyder has become much more than just a place to stop for gas.

gas station garden

Old photo of the garden from the LoMo Civic Association.

While you can of course still stop by to fuel up, a small community garden space was created on the property to bring greenery to an unexpected place. Now the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society is recognizing this gas station garden as a “garden of distinction” in their gardening and greening contest.


This gas station garden was created in 2007. Thanks to the help of members of the LoMo Civic Association, the garden has been maintained for years now. Volunteers help to plant, weed, water, clean up trash, and just generally maintain the garden. When announcing the receipt of this award, the LoMo Civic Association specifically thanked Patti Tahan and Jean Merritt, along with Green Thumb members Anthony Fasano, Colleen McDonough, Carol Urovsky, Eve Miller, and Darlene Olsen.

The garden was previously awarded honorable mention from PHS back in 2009.

Who knew that a gas station could be such a great place for a community garden? Have any ideas for other unconventional locations for green spaces?

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One Response to PHS recognizes Lukoil gas station community garden in gardening and greening contest

  1. Holly December 2, 2015 at 11:29 am #

    Our garden is certainly not as unconventional as this wonderful garden, but we at Capitolo Community Garden at 10th and Federal are also quite proud to be a 2015 “Garden of Distinction” in South Philadelphia!

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