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Cops are coming for you, bikers

P’yunk Square Civic issued a warning this week that police will be targeting bicycle riders for stricter rule enforcement in the 3rd District, which covers the area on the east side of Broad from Lombard Street all the way down to the Navy Yard.

I know my bike looks like this

Cops will be issuing warnings until Labor Day then full-fledged tickets as if you’re a motorist. That means you need to make a full stop at all stop signs, wait for red lights to turn green and ride the correct way on one-way streets. And for god’s sake, stay off the sidewalk.

The stepped-up enforcement is part of Mayor Nutter’s Give Respect – Get Respect program that began last year and encourages bikers to follow the rules of the road.¬†During last summer’s crackdown in Center City, cops issued 1,142 tickets, meaning this is worth taking seriously – or at least when you see a cop.

So, bikers, admit it. Do you always follow all the rules?

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Confused about homestead exemption?

UPDATE: Despite what the city’s Office of Property Assessment’s website says, the deadline is even further. It’s July 31 of NEXT year. The city wants the applications by Nov. 31 to be able to include the exemption in the new property assessments they plan to send out by the end of the year. Thanks to the good folks at the Daily News’¬†for clarifying this.

POSTED EARLIER: Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The homestead exemption was conceived of by City Council to blunt the effect of the Actual Value Initiative, a change in the property tax system that could triple or even quadruple property taxes for homeowners in East Passyunk (since we’ve gotten so awesome in the past few years).

Some people have been confused because the city initially said homeowners must apply for the exemption by today, July 31. Well, after AVI was pushed off for a year, the city extended the deadline to Nov. 15, so breath easy. Applications already submitted will still work, so if you’re one of those early birds, don’t worry. You’ll get your worm.

The exemption will knock up to $30,000 — the amount hasn’t been finalized yet — off the taxable assessed value of the home. That will probably lower all our tax bills by about $400 or $500, depending on the tax rate City Council decides on after they come back from summer break (they work so hard). We’d post a link to the form, but the city has pulled it off its website, so you can’t even do it now if you wanted to, but here’s a little more info about it (with the old deadline).

Do you have any other questions about what’s going on in the neighborhood? Let us know in the comments, or email us at

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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square 

60 second summary (storify)

Bourdain at Stateside via @hasminoo

There’s been so much good news for the Avenue the last couple days — Best of Philly for George Sabatino at Stateside, El Zarape, Cochon, visit by Anthony Bourdain, valet parking coming — that the best way to quickly sum it up is with Storify. Plus the weekend hasn’t even begun. [<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Huge couple days for East Passyunk” on Storify</a>]

Scroll down to see the 60 second summary.

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What's Happening in:  Graduate Hospital :  Newbold :  Point Breeze 

Great South Philly flood of ’12

Here’s a quick look at the water main break in South Philly earlier tonight, which knocked out water to thousands of homes and businesses, spread throughout the area from Walnut Street south to Jackson west of Broad.

[<a href=”″ target=”_blank”>View the story “Great South Philly Flood of ’12” on Storify</a>]

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Well, let’s see

Trusty Indian head, guide us well

Coming to you from world headquarters just steps off the Avenue, we here at the Passyunk Post will serve as your guide, newshound, clairvoyant and arbiter of taste for all that “downtown” South Philly has to offer. Because let’s face it, this neighborhood has been on the rise for more than five years, but now it’s about to really take off.

Ever since moving to the neighborhood nearly 10 years ago – back when the Cantina was Ozzie’s and Stogie Joe’s was the signless and slightly scary Passyunk Tavern – we’ve been peeking through paper windows and bugging clueless work crews with pesky questions. We briefly considered calling this site the Passyunk Prowler before realizing that the name could instill more fear than curiosity. Still, all that harmless stalking was good practice and now it will be put to good use.

We’re going to eat, sleep and breathe the ‘hood, focusing on Passyunk Square and EPX – which are deemed a collective “East Passyunk” from here on out. Sometimes, we may venture out to the wilds of Newbold and Pennsport, or even above Washington Avenue if we’re feeling frisky.

So, enjoy, and feel free to send tips, suggestions, criticism or other thoughts to

Passyunk Post

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