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  • CHI Dance Summer Classes

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    07/30/14 - 07/31/14
    4:00 pm - 5:45 pm

    CHI Movement Arts Center

    CHI Dance: Mindfulness Through Movement for Children Ages 3.5-8


    Summer 6-Week Classes: June 25-July 30

     Tuition:  $80 per session (6 classes). Family discounts available.

     Dates:  Wednesdays: June 25, July 2,9,16, 23, 30

     Times: Moving Stories: 4-4:45 PM   (Ages 3.5-5)

         Pre-CHI:5-5:45 PM (Ages 6-8)



    Moving Stories (Ages 3.5-5)

    Wednesdays, 4-4:45PM at KYL/D’s CHI Movement Arts Center


    Class Description:                                                                                                                            

    In “Moving Stories” students will be guided to explore the possibilities of their imaginations through the dynamic world of dance. New dance students will develop gross motor skills and ignite their imaginations with investigations of mindfulness through movement. Each class will draw inspiration from colorful characters, text and images that demonstrate the value of self-esteem, positivity and attention to our surroundings. Students will learn to move safely and with a purpose while connecting to their own creativity. Improvisational exercises, which build sensory awareness and responsiveness to the environment, help young movers to understand the importance of respect for others and the space around them. Introductions to the concept of “chi” will emerge from exercises in breath-guided movement and will nurture an awareness of the internal energy that connects us all.


    Movement Concepts

    • Exploring use and function of the body through improvisation related to imagery, characters and themes of mindfulness
    • Understanding oppositional movements
    • How the spine relates to torso movement
    • Isolation of body parts
    • Changing directions and levels (High, Middle, Low)
    •  Versatility of hand and foot movements
    • Moving to a steady beat at different tempos

    Mindfulness and Improvisation

    • Relating movement of the body to examples in nature, the senses and the world around us.
    • Initiating movement with breath
    • Emphasizing inner “calm” while learning respect for the self and other dancers
    • Breathing together to begin and end the class with a peaceful focus on our own learning and awareness


    Pre-CHI (Ages 6-8)

      Wednesdays: 5-5:45 PM at KYL/D’s CHI Movement Arts Center


    Instilling wonder in the dancing body, Pre-Chi students will be introduced to concepts of modern dance   in a balanced curriculum of self-explorations and guided practice. On a journey to discovering their dynamic movement potential, students will gain an understanding of how mindfulness can help them build physical as well as internal strength and flexibility. Each class will focus on a specific fundamental of modern dance technique with an emphasis on how the body functions in relationship to space, sound, time, energy, and breath. Students will be taught to perform sequences of choreography while learning how to move and collaborate with others.  Guided improvisational exercises will lead students through investigations of their inner creative selves. Pre-Chi will promote values of self-discipline, focus, and open-minded learning tools in an environment that is responsive to the students’ needs and goals


     Movement Concepts

    • Steady  fine motor skills
    • Isolation of joints/body parts
    • Lateral movements
    • Learning sequences in unison phrases
    • Learning gradation between large/small, fast/slow
    • Moving from the center/core of the body
    • Large traveling movements that strengthen the body’s physicality and space perception


    Mindfulness/Improvisation Concepts

    • Learning to move in groups and sense others while dancing
    • Learning to respond to the environment’s space, sound, and texture.
    • Responding to imagery and breath guided motion
    • Understanding and appreciating each other’s individuality
    • Generating practices of peaceful responses to physical, mental and emotional challenges
    • Beginning and ending every class with deep, unison breathing to promote focus, awareness, and internal stillness.


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