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  • The Lantern Of Truth

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    8:00 pm - 11:00 pm

    The Peace Spot


    TheDearlyDepart Presents: The Lantern of Truth, an event of mind-opening proportions featuring three of the soon to be most influential artist coming out of Philly and ready to tell their stories!


    E. Grizzly (of a-harecords) is a progressive hip hop artist based out of Philadelphia. He specializes in a philosophical, poetic flow similar to Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Immortal Technique, and Zach De La Rocha. The point of Grizzly’s brand of hip hop is to share new perspectives and challenge social standards accepted by the majority of society.


    Grizzly has released 5 mix tapes and albums since 2010 ranging from an alternative rock album with Alukard in Miami to a punk hip hop project with the band 1994! in Philly. He has played in over 100 shows with multiple bands including two national tours, and a Jagermeister Tour. He also personally released two mixtapes dedicated to the production of El-P and RJD2.


    ” I learned a lot the past 5 years and it was really tough for me.” E. Grizzly says. “I feel like hip hop, politics and religion just to name a few was limiting my thinking. Since I was a kid I always thought the American way is the right way and everything else is wrong. I didn’t realize there’s so many ways to look at the same thing. It made me study all religions, all philosophies, all music. It made me want to be the judge of what’s right for me. And that’s why I do what I do. My passion. I want to share new perspectives with people. Maybe it will help them through a hard day.”


    Interstellar Soul is a power trio hailing from the suburbs of Baltimore, Md. Using their independently acquired skills, the group brings a new sound to the scene Psychedelic Soul. Fusing their love of soul, blues, rock, alternative, trance, and anything else that inspires them to push the envelope. With over 40 years of experience between them, experience and talent are two things they do not fall short of.



    Born in 1989, and raised in the Bronx by the raw and upcoming lyrical talents of the 90’s, Visto has been an aspiring Hip Hop artist long before venturing to Philly to start his music career. Currently employed as a blue collar worker, Visto refuses to procrastinate by collaborating with local artists & delivering his slippery word play over original beats during local shows, as well as his recent presentation of his first EP “Movie Time”.

    This is a The Dearly Depart Production, in association with The Sapio Files LLC, and D.I.G. Entertainment Management and Logistics LLC.

    This Event Sponsored by The Awesome People at:

    Bridgeset Sound

    Young, Black, & Hustling

    Cottage House

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