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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Camac Street rowhouse gets the full treatment

The facade has been torn off 1838 S. Camac St. for a full remodel. Rubble lined the street last week as the crew pounded away, carting off literally tons of bricks.

The house was most recently being used as the office for the Mancini catering hall next door. A copy machine graced the living room window – a bit out of place on the residential street.

Owner David Fasone bought the building at a steal for $60,000 in 2005, according to public records. A man at the construction site who said he was Fasone’s cousin said the plan was to renovate the house to sell it. Dave’s going to make a bit of money on this one.

The catering hall was also for sale for a time but it appears to have been taken off the market. Anyone heard anything about Mancini’s?

Incidentally, this house is right across the street from a recent SoPhilly Spotlight that, let’s say, questioned some of the decorating choices. The Realtor contacted us after the story posted because he was none too happy about our opinion of the listing.

Parties here get pretty raucous

“I’m not impressed with the criticism you posted about my listing,” he said. “We’ll be talking soon…”

Yikes, ominous. But that was nearly two weeks ago and still no threatening letter from a lawyer or anything. Fingers crossed.


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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square 

Call for artists for Fall Festival

The East Passyunk Business Improvement Districtis accepting applications for artists to join the fall festival, which kicks off Saturday Oct. 27.

The party goes from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and includes activities for the kiddies early on, including a little costume parade for children and dogs (seriously). Seasonal beer and live music will kick in for the big kids as the day goes on.

Deadline for artist applications for the craft portion of the event is Saturday Oct. 6. Table fee is $40, spaces are 10x10ft. Check here for a little more info. If you’re an artist, click Recommend at the bottom of this post to let all your artist friends know about it.

And now, to get in the spirit of things, please enjoy this craft-related (but otherwise completely unrelated) favorite from Leslie and the Lys. It’s a great way to waste three minutes at work.

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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing :  Passyunk Square 

East Passyunk cleans up in ‘Hot List’

There are entirely too many “Best of” lists out there, but it’s still nice to get recognition wherever you can get it.

Eight South Philly businesses were named best something or other in the PHL17 online voting contest. Though PHL’s award might not be the first thing people think of when you say “Best of Philly,” at least it’s more democratic than Philadelphia magazine. That fine publication more or less relies on the memories of its minuscule staff, who are expected to know everything about every aspect of service in a region of 6 million people, but we digress.

Honors went to the Cantina, Metro Men’s clothing, Ralph’s, Sabrina’s, Circles Thai, the South Philly Bar and Grill (twice), Doggie Style, Dibruno’s and RIM cafe (also twice). Several neighborhood businesses were finalists. Congratulations, folks.

Check out the full list of winners here.

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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Design firm opens in old Sweet Jane space

The paper has come off the windows and husband and wife team Eric Botel-Barnard and Diana Barnard are now working full time in the PARC-owned storefront at 1820 E. Passyunk Ave.

See the teeny, tiny sign?
Their design and video-production firm Pattern + Motion, which we told you about early last month, was previously located on Walnut Street in Center City. The neighborhood residents gave that up, though, in exchange for an easy commute (three whole blocks, now).

We’ve already sat down with the design duo, and later this week, we’ll tell you a little more about them and their plans for their display windows. Sam Sherman at PARC said they were planning to install video screens to enliven the streetscape, but that idea is still evolving.

Meanwhile, it’s been a busy week for the office market around East Passyunk, with the news that a lawyer also pulled up stakes from Center City for an office on the avenue, South Philly’s first coworking space opened and the King of Jeans developer added office space to his plans.

Diversifying the retail mix on the avenue has been one of PARC’s goals, for at least two reasons: Passyunk needs street life during the day, too, and no one wants another South Street of all bars and restaurants. Stay tuned for even more office-related action to come.

What do you think about storefront office space? Yay or nay?

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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square 

SoPhilly Spotlight: Proper Noun edition

For this week’s SoPhilly Spotlight, we trudge to the the fringe area of 7th and Wharton (1302 S. 7th St.) halfway between East Passyunk and Pennsport. The 3-bedroom, 2-bath house is a fine specimen of a South Philly rehab and well worth $279,000. New everything, roof deck, Brazilian hardwood, dual zone HVAC, eight years left of a tax abatement in 1,346 square feet. Small rooms, but still…

They are nice floors
But the Craigslist notice is a least as notable for the writer’s penchant for capitalization as it is the amenities. Here’s a sample of the Realtorspeak:
The one on the right. We bet that
neighbor doesn’t know he’s online

Retreat to the 3rd floor and enjoy the luxury of the Master Bedroom Suite with Large Custom Tiled Master Bathroom in your own private quarters. This Penthouse Escape also comes with a walk out roof deck to enjoy a relaxing night in The City. This home also offers a Large Family or Entertainment Theatre Room in finished basement for entertaining. The basement is protected by a French Drain and Sump Pump System.

Ooh, private quarters, Theatre Room. Maybe “The City” sounds more elite in a reader’s head than “the city.” But what does this mean?

This house is 95% GREEN and environmentally friendly.

Is the remaining 5 percent a coal mine or something?

On another note, we’re kidding about calling this location the “fringe area.” Four blocks in either direction could add $100k onto the asking price, so the value is there, and that part of South Philly is going to be the next big thing. We’d snap that place up in a hot minute if we were looking to buy now. Especially since Garage is opening two blocks away.
Not bad, maybe a little tight
Is that the master? No other bedroom pics, so it must be
They really like the overhead shots
Could be a sweet TV room/office
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