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What's Happening in:  Newbold 

Brew pub planned for Newbold? That’d be the second brewery for West Passyunk area

A neighbor tipped us off to some construction activity on the 1900 block of Bancroft Street in Newbold, and he says it looks a whole lot like a brewery is setting up shop in there. That’s two for this part of town we’ve heard about in one month.

He said the property was under construction and he “noticed large steel vats/barrels inside as well as what looked to be a bar.”

Brew pub brewing?

Brew pub brewing?

A search of the PLCB liquor license database doesn’t turn up a liquor license application yet, but the permits pulled on the construction say “1st floor sit-down restaurant, 2nd floor artisan industrial.”

Sounds a lot like a brew pub.

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