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What's Happening in:  Girard Estate 

SoPhilly Spotlight: Girard Estate edition

For this week’s SoPhilly Spotlight, we ventured a bit further south, just far enough to showcase this wonderful house across the street from an often-overlooked leafy oasis, Girard Estates park.

2508 S 22nd9

2508 S 22nd6

The view from your master bedroom balcony

Coming in at a fairly reasonable (compared to our recent Spotlights) $384,900, this 3-bedroom, 2-5 bathroom house, at 2508 S. 22nd St. (near Porter), has about 1,850 square feet.

If you’re not familiar with Girard Estates, the distinctive homes were built in the early 20th century as a model for urban living and named after Stephen Girard. He’s the reason you see so many things named Girard in this town — Avenue, College, this whole neighborhood — and he was the richest man in America at his death in 1831.

The park is the remainder of his estate, which was in what was called at the time Passyunk Township, part of Philadelphia County. And his country summer home is still across the street from the house we’re featuring today. For more about the neighborhood, this Inky story does a good job. But we digress.

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