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Help the Streets Department find – and fix – all those potholes

This pic comes from a CBS3 story that says last year's pothole season was worse than normal.

This pic comes from a CBS3 story that says last year’s pothole season was worse than normal.

Now that the snow is finally melting – again – the sorry state of the city’s streets is revealed thanks to one hell of a winter (and we’re only halfway done). But you can help do something about it.

The Streets Department is asking for help identifying potholes. Go to this website,, click on “Potholes/Street defects” and fill out the form. They say that most will get fixed within two days, though it depends on whether the dip is considered a “pothole,” a “ditch” or a “cave-in.” So complex.

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Hmm. Do you like or dislike litter?

Judging by the comments on our story last week about the trash cans getting taken away, we figured that you guys are pretty passionate about stopping litter.

One of the best ways to cut down on litter on your block is to get this sticker by filling out this formand mailing it to: Kathleen DuBeck  Licenses & Inspections  Municipal Services Building  1401 John F. Kennedy Blvd. Room 1130. Or fax it to 215-686-1411.Slap that sucker on your front door and you’ll be surprised at the difference. We here at Passyunk Post world headquarters and a few neighbors got stickers, and the litter on the street dipped by half. No more menus caked into gutters after it rains. No more coupon circulars in those white bags blowing around on the street. The thing works.

There have been a few brazen bastards who defied the sticker, but one call to 311 and they never did it again. The city sends the offender up to two warnings, then fines them up to a $150. Just save your 311 reference number. Happy cleaning.

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