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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista :  Queen Village 

Triangle Park at 6th and Passyunk is officially gone

Almost all traces of Triangle Park on the border of Bella Vista and Queen Village have been eliminated from the lot at 6th, Passyunk and Christian. Only a few small trees remained yesterday.

Triangle park - after

Joel Palmer, the founder of the Friends of Triangle Park group, posted the news on the organization’s Facebook page on Sunday. But it appeared that he wasn’t ready to give up the fight.

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What's Happening in:  Graduate Hospital :  Newbold :  Passyunk Square :  Pennsport :  Point Breeze 

New stuff at Ultimo, old stuff on Moyamensing and new stuff at 6th and Washington

Ultimo Newbold's coffee menu, via Counter Culture Coffee's flickr

Ultimo Newbold’s coffee menu, via Counter Culture Coffee’s flickr

GrubStreet says Ultimo Coffee’s locations in Newbold and in G-Ho are going to start carrying sandwiches from American Sardine Bar.

It’s doubtful that you’ll find Jen Carroll’s deep-fried contribution to the Point Breeze bar’s menu among them, but we’re told that both spots will start carrying a daily selection of meat, veggie and vegan sandwiches beginning tomorrow.

Makes sense since ASB is owned by John Longacre, which recruited Ultimo/Brew to the neighborhood. That’s called synergy, people.

Also, we’d like to welcome Pennsporter, a new kid on the block, who took a look at all the opportunities along Moyamensing Avenue.

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