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What's Happening in:  Lower Moyamensing :  Passyunk Square 

Quick Hits: Art as life at Garage; Wharton Lofts’ green roof; Anastasi expansion; Best bread is S. Philly bread

garage cheesesteak

  • The folks from Anastasi Seafood at 9th and Washington told the Daily News about their recent upgrades, including new delivery service.
  • City Paper says all the best bread in the city comes from South Philly, and they run down the top eight spots.
  • The Wharton Street Lofts’ green roof deck was highlighted in an Inky story that extols the virtues of a city stormwater management plan.
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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

What are all those liquor license apps around Italian Market? Ah, a huge festival

We noticed recently that a liquor license application asking for outside seating appeared outside 12 Steps Down at 9th and Christian. Before we knew it, those signs were popping up like dandelions in a meadow: Connie’s Ric Rac, Teri’s, Villa Di Roma, Anastasi Seafood…

Connie's Ric Rac and the telling orange application

Connie’s Ric Rac and the telling orange application

No, outside patios aren’t flourishing. Those orange placards were signs that the Italian Market Festival is coming.

This Saturday and Sunday, Philly’s preeminent Italian hotbed is opening its doors to the city. During the two-day event, 9th Street’s shops and restaurants will turn the iconic area into a giant block party, free to everyone looking for a little Mediterranean fun – or, apparently, plenty of booze.

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