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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

Before it was Antiquarian’s Delight, it was the city’s first Hasidic synagogue

We broke the news earlier this month that the Antiquarian’s Delight, the synagogue turned antique market at 615 S. 6th St., was closing for good after nearly 30 years.

antiquarian's delight

But the Philadelphia Real Estate Blog chimed in soon after with a nice little history of the building, which they say was the city’s first Hasidic synagogue:

Built in 1905, the building was an important fixture to the growth and heritage of early Jewish immigrants in Philadelphia. B’nai Ruben Synagogue is one of the two major synagogues of the time that are still standing today.

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista :  Graduate Hospital 

Link Love: Antiquarian’s delightful apartments? Plus, Paloma falls short & Gamble blights

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  • Plan Philly got a bit of information about the future of Antiquarian’s Delight from some folks working there. They said the new owners planned to turn the building, which we told you last week was closing,  into apartments. The blog Property Philly said the new owners are the Fetfatzes family that owns Bainbridge Street Barrel House on the same block, as well as Hawthorne’s and Bella Vista Beer Distributor, but they couldn’t get any real answers yet.
  • The South Philly Review checked in on Paloma, the haute Mexican BYOB at 763 S. Eighth St. “I don’t know why I never reviewed Paloma, so a visit was in order,” wrote Phyllis Stein-Novack. After a decent start “our entrées went south. Edward ordered the branzino ($23) and I looked forward to breast of duck ($25).” She gave the place 2.5 tips of the toque, which would suggest that it was better than what she said about the place. Anyone out there have a report on Paloma?
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