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FOUND: Pookie the cat, who was worth a $1k reward, ‘jumped into my arms’

Pookie the cat, who had been missing since Oct. 13, was found by owner Greg DiStefano with the aid of a helpful tipster who he said didn’t even want the $1,000 reward.

LostCat - found

DiStefano, who also owns the Victor Cafe on Dickinson near 13th, said a woman who lives near 13th and Bigler called him several times over the past few weeks saying she had spotted Pookie. She sent him a picture of the cat more than two weeks ago, but the angle of the shot made it difficult to see whether it was really him.

DiStefano said he couldn’t rule it out, though. “I went to her back alley many times over last two weeks, sometimes 1 in the morning, 2 in the morning, shaking a bag of food and calling for the cat,” he said. “All the neighbors must have thought I was crazy.”

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