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South Philly woman gets her stolen bike back via Facebook – & you can too

A week after we checked in with the 3rd Police District about rumors regarding increased bike thefts, the district sent out a notice saying that one of our neighbors found her stolen bike by joining a group on Facebook called Philadelphia Stolen Bikes.

Reunited and it feels so good...

Reunited and it feels so good…

That’s awesome.

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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing :  Newbold :  Passyunk Square :  Point Breeze 

Rumor Mill: Are bike thefts going up?

Here’s a warning sent to us at our tipline at from a reader who got burned locking up her bike outside her apartment:

I am emailing to mention the fact that a lot of bikes have been stolen on my block in the last week. I am on Passyunk between Mifflin and Moore streets. I had my bike locked to my mom’s bike and the thieves actually took bolt cutters and cut through her frame to get mine.

One reader's dearly departed bike

The remnants of one the dearly departed bike. Ouch

The reader said her bike was a single speed worth about $300. Her mom’s, which was basically cut in half, was a three-speed cruiser. This is the second report of bike thefts we’ve gotten in the past couple weeks. So is this a bona fide crime trend?

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