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What's Happening in:  Girard Estate :  West Passyunk 

First Pics: Cousin’s Grubhouse opens with new owners on West Passyunk

Cousin’s Grubhouse on West Passyunk Ave re-opened last Wednesday with new owners, Jim Lord and William Schmidt. The reboot brings a fancy new menu featuring innovative diner fare to the place, which has been running out of that corner since 1955.

Cousin's Grubhouse

2340 S. Hemberger St., on Passyunk between 22nd and 23rd

The owners say the menu will continue to evolve and offer more creative things, but they’ve already put some interesting items among the regular breakfast and lunch offerings. In addition to standard eggs and pancakes, there’s the Grubhouse Big Philly Omelette with steak, scrapple and pork roll, and Salted Caramel French Toast.

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