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What's Happening in:  Hawthorne 

CAPA high school receives planning grant to transform its front yard on Broad Street

The underused front yard of CAPA, the High School for the Creative and Performing Arts at Broad and Christian streets, could see some new life.

The Community Design Collaborative has awarded CAPA’s Home and School Association a planning grant to explore possibilities for the green space out front. “We’ll help them discover how [CAPA] can transform its open space into an asset that enhances CAPA’s identity and connects it to the Avenue of the Arts, the surrounding neighborhood, and Philadelphia as a whole,” the Collaborative said on its website.

Image from the Colaborative's blog

Now, it’s sparse and mostly deserted. Image from the Colaborative’s blog

The Collaborative is the same organization helping so many planned improvement projects we’ve written about over the last couple of years: Columbus Square Park, Titan Park, Fabric Row, Southwark’s greening plan, Bainbridge Green and more.

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