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Yo, Data! Top 5 Hottest Blocks for Car Break-ins in 2014

Yo, Data is an occasional feature by tech whiz and South Philly resident Angela Minster, in which she crunches the numbers and makes ’em all nice and pretty. Know of any data sets you can customize to South Philly? Let us know at

If you have a car in the city you’ve probably noticed the broken glass of a car window on the ground and made a mental note to avoide parking on that block. But how prevalent are car break-ins and stolen cars? And where should I avoid leaving my car?

In 2014 there were 1,168 reported car break-ins in South Philadelphia. The top spots for break-in’s are in the commercial areas along Columbus Blvd, but excluding those, here were the 5 least safe blocks to leave your car in 2014:

  • 800 Block of Mifflin Street – 10 break-ins
  • 2100 Block of S 5th Street – 8
  • 400 Block of Reed Street – 7
  • 500 Block of S Front Street – 7
  • 1100 Block of S 7th Street – 5

The interactive map below shows all car break-ins by block and all car thefts in South Philly in 2014.

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