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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing :  Passyunk Square 

New Year’s around Passyunk? 15 things to do – UPDATED: even more

UPDATE (again): Just got word that the valet stands at the fountain and in front of Cantina will be open, just don’t tell MADD.

So, you wanna go out for New Year’s, but you wanna be able to stumble home. Ditto. In that case, here are a smattering of events within stumbling distance, roughly in descending order of personal interest. If we’ve missed something, please leave it in the comments.

1) Eater reported that Chef Christopher Lee is launching a series of pop-up dinners at Salt & Pepper, which we told you will be eventually called Sophia, on New Year’s. With the new overhauled the kitchen, Lee will offer a four-course dinner at 6 and 6:30 p.m. for $45. The 9 p.m. seating will be $75. Both come with a champagne toast. UPDATE: Check out the menu on Meal Ticket.

2) Stateside: 5-course prix-fixe menu for $65. There will be seatings at 5:15/30/45, 7:15/30/45, and 9:15/30/45. The last seating’s will be $75 and include a champagne toast. There will also be a vegetarian option and a $20 wine-pairing option.

3) Connie’s Ric Rac: Johnny Showcase and the Lefty Lucy Cabaret with the West Philly Orchestra. $25, or $30 including a Balkan buffet. describes the showcase thusly: “The show that has redefined the notion of talent and nontalent, it’s like a Prairie Home Companion, but with a dry martini, Jerzy Grotowski, and a fading vomit stain on your lapel.”

4) Royal Tavern: CORRECTION: Choose Your Own Happy Hour. 2 hours of open bar for $25 per person between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

5) Le Virtu: Capodanno (New Year’s Eve): “La Festa di San Silvestro” 4-course meal, no timed seatings. $75 per person

6) Noir: 3-course, $75 lobster tasting, including in the dessert, with a free glass of champagne.

7) Cantina los Caballitos. Choose Your Own Happy Hour. You pick a time – 2 hours of open bar for $25 per person.

8) Adobe Cafe: Special NYE Karaoke at 9:30. (For all its faults, Adobe has badass karaoke)

9) Devil’s Den: Champagne toast

10) Fountain Porter: Beer specials and free champagne.

11) Lucky 13 Pub: Drink specials, giveaways, DJ

12) Stogie Joe’s: NYE party with drink specials and DJ Louie T

13) Kris: New Year’s Eve 4 course dinner for $50 per person.

14) Chickie and Pete’s: DJs and live music. Buffet, topshelf bar, champagne toast. Two options: $150 all-inclusive package for two people or pay as you go

15) And then to fight the fire (hangover) with fire (beer), Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar: New Year’s Day Karaoke starting at noon.

– Caroline Voyles, @CarolineVoyles

UPDATED: Here are some more goings on for New Year’s:
Sidecar Bar & Grille is hosting brunch on both NYE and NYD and will be open until 2 a.m. both days.

SoWe is having a three-course prix fixe dinner for $55. Open bar packages are available. Also, a New Year’s Day brunch from 10-4. Football will be on.

Chick’s Social is featuring a special NYE a la carte dinner menu. Free champagne for the 10 p.m. seating as they screen the Times Square celebrations.

Tashan wants you to reserve your seats now for a Mummer’s Parade brunch on New Year’s Day. Watch the parade while you eat! Bar starts pouring at 11am and brunch goes until 2:30. Regular menus resume after ward.

The Industry – Open from 4pm-2am on NYE – Burgers and Bubbles all night long, free champagne at midnight. NYD brunch from 11-4.

Kennett – 4 courses, 4 meals NYE dinner.

2nd Street Brew House – Buffet, DJ, drink specials, free “champagne of beers” toast at midnight. Watch the 2 Street parade from the bar, DJ Dan Bucciarelli spinning all night.

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista :  Queen Village 

New restaurant coming to 525 Washington Ave?

Washington Ave isn’t usually thought of as a dining destination. However, with it’s location nestled between hot spots like East Passyunk and Bella Vista/Queen Village, it isn’t hard to imagine that some people might be looking to capture foodies’ attention on their way to either neighborhood.

The two new buildings at 525-27 Washington Ave
A newly re-done building at 525 Washington Ave has a zoning notice for an application to put in a sit-down and take out restaurant. The permit applicant is listed as Damon Roberts, the lawyer and former candidate for state House and City Council. No word yet as to who will be running the place or what they plan to offer, but we’ll be keeping you informed.
Remember what the building used to look like?
Has anyone heard anything about what’s planned for this space? Let us know, or about anything else, at

– Caroline Voyles, @CarolineVoyles

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

Story Slams competition kicks off next week at L’Etage

From the Who Knew files, a brand new competition season is about to get under way in South Philly next week. Nope, not at Lincoln Financial or Citizens Bank. First Person Arts hosts monthly StorySlams at L’Etage in Bella Vista and on Dec. 18, the 2013 season begins.

The way it works is, audience members with a story put their name into a bucket. The 10 who are chosen to compete each get 5 minutes on the mic to share a story related to that month’s theme. Stories range from gut-busting to heart-wrenching, but they must be true (or “true as possible,” the website says). The winner of each Slam – audience members help pick the winner – receives an invite to compete in the annual Grand Slam during the First Person Arts Festival for the title of Best Storyteller in Philadelphia.

The upcoming theme at December’s L’Etage event is “Gifts and Giving.” StorySlams happen every month both at World Cafe Live (2nd Monday) and L’Etage (4th Tuesday – except next week’s, a special 3rd Tuesday event).

To see upcoming themes, to purchase tickets, or for more information go to

It’s above Beau Monde at 6th and Bainbridge
A pic taken from the L’Etage stage, thanks to Jeff Simmermon,

– Caroline Voyles, @CarolineVoyles

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

Fountain Porter hosts a fundraiser for youth-run cafe

CORRECTION: The correct hours for the Saturday pop-up are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

A fundraiser for the Monkey and the Elephant Cafe, a pop-up coffee shop run by former foster-care youth, is being held at the Fountain Porter tonight from 6-9 p.m. Lisa Miccolis, the founder of the cafe, is hoping that money raised can help her initiative take some big next steps in providing opportunities for young people who traditionally have trouble finding employment.

Having worked in cafes for six years, Miccolis understands the biz and she’s been impacted by some of the homeless and foster care youth that she’s met and worked with in other capacities. So, she believes that a coffee shop can be a great workplace for them to challenge themselves and gain leadership skills.

Currently, the Monkey and the Elephant Cafe is operating as a pop-up at Taffets Bakery in the Italian Market1024 S 9th St, every Saturday from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Eventually, the plan is to operate its own brick and mortar place, staffed mostly by youth who have recently aged out of the foster-care system. They will operate most of the daily tasks and also be leaders in constructing business plans and other aspects of running the business alongside supportive mentors, gaining important work-readiness skills and connections to positive role models.

The event features a silent auction and is free to attend. Bonus: the Fountain Porter is extending its happy hour through 9 p.m. A chance to enjoy $1.50 off drafts at one of East Passyunk’s hot new spots and send the savings towards a (potentially) new neighborhood hangout? Win-win.

Check here for the invite and here for more info about Monkey and Elephant.

Even if you can’t make it, head by Fountain Porter at 10th and Tasker
just to give them a little love for their community spirit

– Caroline Voyles, @CarolineVoyles

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

Tres Jalapenos in Bella Vista applies for a liquor license

Tres Jalapenos, the Mexican spot on the corner of 8th and Christian, has plans for some big changes for 2013 in the hopes of attracting new clientele and contributing to the growing bar scene in Bella Vista.

Move quick for free mix at Margarita Mondays
Open for two years, the restaurant has had moderate success as a BYO but the days of sipping your favorite  beer along with your all-you-can-eat tacos may be limited. As you can tell from the window posting, the owner has applied for a liquor license.
The offerings are still undecided, and there are still at least a few weeks left of BYO and “Margarita Mondays” – a special that provides free margarita mix to those who BYOT (T for tequila, if it isn’t obvious). But once the license arrives, you’re at the mercy of the imported cerveza gods.

The restaurant is also planning some renovations on the interior, according to a source in the restaurant, although there are no details available as to what the new space will look like. We’ll continue to keep you updated as plans become more concrete.

– Caroline Voyles, @CarolineVoyles
Wait a second, you say, this is in Bella Vista. What is the Passyunk Post doing up there? Well, we’ve decided to branch out with the help of our network of contributors and tipsters into all of South Philly. Wanna be a Passyunk Post tipster? Email Thanks for reading.
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