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What's Happening in:  Girard Estate :  Newbold :  Passyunk Square 

What would you like to see improved at these three South Philly schoolyards?

It was recently announced that three South Philly schools would be planning for schoolyard reinvention, thanks to the Big Sandbox, Knight Foundation, TBS and students from the University of Colorado and Iowa State University. Landscape architecture students at the universities will be helping create designs for improved schoolyards at George W. Childs Elementary, the Stephen Girard School and Eliza B. Kirkbride School.


Childs Elementary.

All three schools are currently working to engage the community in the process. Surveys have been released to ask a number of questions about what improvements you would like to see for the outdoor spaces at the schools.

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What's Happening in:  Point Breeze 

School Talk: Childs Elementary opens with challenges, anticipation

Editor’s Note: School Talk is an occasional feature that will look at education and parenting issues in South Philly. If you have concerns, ideas, suggested topics or other thoughts about the state of schools and ways to keep improving them, email us at

Weighing in this time is Rachel Howe, president of the South Philly Parents Resource Center. She teaches writing at Temple and Rowan Universities and is the mother of three and step-mom of one. The SPPRC is holding an education forum Oct. 10 called “Understanding the Education Landscape.”


It’s been a hectic first month for Principal Eileen Coutts at Childs Elementary School at 1599 Wharton St. This is only her second year at the school and now she’s got the results of major budget cuts to deal with.

But even as Coutts is up to her neck orienting many new staff and faculty because of severe cutbacks and retirements, community support has managed to ease the pain. Unfortunately, though, there is some pain.

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School Talk: South Philly civics focus on education

Editor’s Note: Welcome to School Talk, a monthly guest column looking at education issues in South Philly. If you have concerns, ideas or other thoughts about the state of schools and ways to keep improving them, email us at To kick things off, we have Christine Knapp, education committee chair at the Passyunk Square Civic Association.


great schoolsIt’s clear that South Philadelphia neighborhoods have been undergoing a dramatic change over the last several years that has created a palpable new energy.

However, much of that growth and excitement is stymied when parents begin to think about sending their children to school. Many parents assume that their local public school isn’t an option, which creates a scramble to get into charter or private schools. Others immediately begin to look to the suburbs for educational options.

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