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School Talk: Regional superintendent Dion Betts

Editor’s Note: School Talk is an occasional feature that will look at education and parenting issues in South Philly. If you have concerns, ideas, suggested topics or other thoughts about the state of schools and ways to keep improving them, email us at

Weighing in this time is Tom Wyatt, education committee chair for the Passyunk Square Civic Association. Tom caught up with Dion Betts, the assistant superintendent for all South Philly public schools.

dbettsDion Betts, the newly minted assistant superintendent who started overseeing all of South and Southwest Philly’s public schools this year, says he knows the secret to tackling the latest belt-tightening in the school district.

“There has and always will be scarcity in public education,” Betts told Passyunk Post in an interview. “So in most respects I would be doing the same things – working hard to deliver quality education to every student in the most cost efficient means possible.”

Tasked with 20,000 students in 32 schools (including every one in South Philly: Jackson, Kirkbride, Southwark, Childs, Jenks, Southern, etc.), Betts recently begun his first year as assistant superintendent of what is called “Learning Network One.” He comes to the post with significant experience in the classroom as well as in school administration.

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