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Dining crawl wants $45 but won’t tell you for what restaurants


An organization called Dishcrawl is returning to Philadelphia with an event Feb. 19 that asks diners to act on good faith that their $45 will get them the best stuff Passyunk Avenue has to offer.

That’s because you won’t know what restaurants you’ll be going to until 48 hours before the event. No refunds. The crawl is set up kind of like a bar crawl, in that you go to four restaurants. The ticket includes all food at each stop and a meet and greet with the chefs, so $45 could either be a great deal or a rip-off, depending on where you go.

Dishcrawl calls the deal a “surprise,” an adventure of South Philly eating. They’ve pulled off successful crawls in other cities, though some of the tickets have cost more than $100. According to this Yelp entry of Dish Crawl in San Jose, most diners loved it but some hated it.

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