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All charges against Elijah Milligan dropped; Stateside names new chef

The case against former Stateside chef Elijah Milligan, who was fired the day he was arrested on assault charges in October, was thrown out for lack of evidence, according to court records.

Exonerated. Pic of Milligan comes from Hog Island Press

Exonerated. Pic of Milligan comes from Hog Island Press

Milligan’s attorney, Jonathan Cohen, said shortly after his client’s arrest that Milligan was trying to mediate a dispute between his girlfriend and her sister’s girlfriend, who lived in an apartment downstairs, which a witness acknowledged at his preliminary hearing.

The charges were tossed this month after two court proceedings, Cohen said today. “Stories kept changing, he said. “The case was dismissed even before I had to show the callers’ stories on the 911 tapes didn’t match the stories the police documented on scene.”

Meanwhile, Stateside has named a new chef with an impressive pedigree: Kevin D’Egidio, who was most recently down Passyunk Avenue at Will BYOB but had spent time at Tangerine and Lacroix, reports the Insider.

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