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SoPhilly Spotlight: You gotta start somewhere edition

Sure, it ain’t pretty and it’s tiny. But at $90,000 we’re thinking of moving in (OK, let’s not get ahead of ourselves).

This week’s SoPhilly spotlight is a 700-square-foot, 2-bedroom row at 1441 S. Franklin, a half-block between 7th and 8th, Reed and Dickinson. The block doesn’t even merit appearing on Google Street View.

Yeesh. Not promising

But hey, according to the listing, it’s:

A great opportunity to own a home and customize it to your liking.


This home has a brand new rubber roof 2012 installed.

Well, that’s nice.

Can be a three bedroom as there is an extra room downstairs.

That’s called a basement.

With a little TLC can be a wonderful home. Sold as is.

Yeah, no shit

But when you think about it, it’s really not far from everything: a couple blocks to the upcoming Fountain Porter and Watkins Drinkery. Buses run down 8th and up 7th. You wouldn’t have to deal with nosy neighbors because we’re not even sure anyone lives on the block. Your monthly payment including taxes and insurance would be like $550. What do you think? Could you do it?

Is that a side yard?
That’s not terrible, but you notice these pics were taken in 2010?
What a lovely view.
Is that the dining room?
Are the clovers part of the deal?
Notice, no pictures of the bathrooms. Hmm
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