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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

GoFundMe created to raise money for zoning appeal of development planned for former Triangle Park space

The triangle-shaped plot of land at 6th, Passyunk and Christian has been a much-debated property in Bella Vista. It was once home to a gas station, but once that ceased to exist, the lot sat vacant for years. Triangle Park, a community green space, was created on the property, but in 2013 was shut down by the lot’s ownerStuart Schlaffman.


More current plans for this location included a mixed-use development with five stories, a ground floor restaurant space and 12 apartments. That original plan was denied by the ZBA, but the developers are making an attempt to move forward with amended plans to that project. Friends of Triangle Park are now working to appeal a zoning permit to block this development from moving forward and potentially make this property a green space again.

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