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What's Happening in:  Queen Village 

Headhouse Fountain is back in action at 2nd and Lombard

The Headhouse Fountain is back in action after recently undergoing some maintenance and cosmetic changes, just in time for the stretch run of Philly’s hottest summer months.

It's back (Photo: South Street District Instagram0

It’s back (Photo: South Street District Instagram)

The basin area has been resurfaced from a sunburst theme to an ocean blue motif. Back in 2009, changes were made to the plaza area  to transform a rather unwelcoming fountain area into a friendly environment with programmable water jets and cool LED lighting for people to enjoy the fountain from afar or go all out and splash about on a sweltering summer day.

No matter how much fun you have in the  Headhouse Fountain, there is no way in hell it will ever top the shear enjoyment this dog had there back in 2010. By all means, give it a go though!

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