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What's Happening in:  All over South Philly 

The story of the stealing of Mifflin Street

In 1984, someone stole Mifflin Street. Yes, as in they stone-by-stone took the street apart in broad daylight.


Bob Laramie photo, via

How does such a thing happen? In’s series of forgotten city history, this week the story revolves around the stealing of Mifflin Street.

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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square 

History of 11th and Passyunk and the Moyamensing Prison

The site of the Acme shopping center at 11th and Passyunk has some pretty interesting history.

Front-Elevation-Philadelphia-County-Prison-Debtors-Wing-Reed-Street-Passyunk-AvenueThe location was once the home of the Moyamensing Prison, which housed many criminals, including noteworthy inmates like Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Bukowski and America’s first serial killer, H.H. Holmes.

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