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Devoted ‘foodie’ to be buried with beloved John’s Roast Pork sandwich

Be it for their pork sandwiches, cheesesteaks or chicken cutlets, people simply love John’s Roast Pork located at the wonky intersection of Snyder and Weccacoe Ave. near Lowe’s.

John "Butch" Gleason had one final request. (Photo: Quirky Berekely)

John “Butch” Gleason had one final request. (Photo: Quirky Berekely)

Well, you’ve heard the saying, “If you love it some much, why don’t you marry it?”, right? Here’s a story that swaps marry for bury.

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To-Do List: Pork, plants, hanging out with Dad – or say screw it and go see boy bands

hidden city we the weeds

Check out the ruins of Fort Mifflin near the airport. Pic from Hidden City


Feel like slumming it, deliciously? Go to John’s Roast Pork, 14 E. Snyder Ave. Been a while since you been there, right? Get there before 3:30 when they turn off the grill. Then head to Bonnie’s Capistrano on 13th near Dickinson. Yeah, it’s a dive, and it’s not as weird as you think.

At 1908 E. Passyunk, you could head to Pollyodd, where they’ll be serving snow cones made with the shop’s homemade lemoncello from 5 to 7 p.m. The store is open from 1 to 9.

Also Saturday, you could pretend you’re in 1990 and go to the Wells Fargo Center to see New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men. Tickets – they’re still available OMG! – on Stubhub were going for as low as $7 plus fees yesterday. This is not a recommendation, but hey, if we were in the right mood and drunk enough…


Buy your Dad a beer at The Industry, Reed and Moyamensing (or at least call him).

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