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What's Happening in:  Graduate Hospital 

First Pics: !Juice! opens at 2241 Grays Ferry Ave.

A new juice bar has opened in Graduate Hospital, called !Juice!, in the old location of Betty’s Speakeasy at 2241 Grays Ferry Ave.

The menu is divided into juices, foods, a kids menu and blends, which is another word for smoothies. The offerings include The Teacher’s Pet, Cool-aid, The Grape Gatsby and Winterized. Customers can ask for a shot of wheatgrass in their juice for a boost of energy. There’s also L’Aube coffee, and if you feel like it, you can bring some booze to make your juice into a cocktail. (Yes, that’s sanctioned behavior here.)

Owner Freda Kanterman said she and her business partners traveled to juice bars in New York and Los Angeles juice bars to get ideas, and took a few months of trial and error before they decided what juice recipes to put on the menu.

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