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What's Happening in:  Lower Moyamensing 

LoMo hosting spring flea market and community fair this weekend

On Saturday, April 23, you’ll have the chance to shop at a flea market and enjoy music and food on Broad Street.


The Lower Moyamensing Civic Association is hosting their annual spring flea market, with local vendors, food trucks and more set up on Broad from Snyder to Jackson.

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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing :  Lower Moyamensing 

Broad and Snyder Wendy’s plans include maintaining original structure, installing takeout window

When we first told you about the plans for a Wendy’s to open in the former Beneficial Bank building at Broad and Snyder, the majority of responses from the neighborhood were negative. Of all things that could go into a historic building, why a Wendy’s?


At the South Broad Street Neighborhood Association meeting on Tuesday, there was not as much vocal objection as expected, according to SBSNA president, Peter Zutter. Wendy’s does have plans to maintain the original detailing of the structure while bringing another fast food spot to this corner.

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