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What's Happening in:  All over South Philly 

South Philly schools seeing continued increase in enrollment

Three South Philly recently ranked among the best in the city, showing some of the strong points in the education system in the city.

Andrew Jackson pic from

Andrew Jackson pic from

While many schools are doing very well, others in the Philadelphia School District have rapidly growing enrollment rates, with some schools even reaching capacity. Schools like Jackson and Meredith Elementary are currently at, or even over, capacity, showing that something needs to be done here. 

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School Talk: South Philly civics focus on education

Editor’s Note: Welcome to School Talk, a monthly guest column looking at education issues in South Philly. If you have concerns, ideas or other thoughts about the state of schools and ways to keep improving them, email us at To kick things off, we have Christine Knapp, education committee chair at the Passyunk Square Civic Association.


great schoolsIt’s clear that South Philadelphia neighborhoods have been undergoing a dramatic change over the last several years that has created a palpable new energy.

However, much of that growth and excitement is stymied when parents begin to think about sending their children to school. Many parents assume that their local public school isn’t an option, which creates a scramble to get into charter or private schools. Others immediately begin to look to the suburbs for educational options.

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