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What's Happening in:  Newbold 

Broad and Tasker musicians mural to be unveiled on Saturday

The new musicians mural is going up at Broad and Tasker behind Valley Green Bank this week to replace the deteriorating mural at 9th and Wharton. The musicians mural was designed by Eric Okdeh in a slightly updated style from the previous piece created in 2004 by Peter Pagst.


On Saturday, October 15, the mural will be unveiled to the public.

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista 

New mural being completed above Morning Glory restaurant at 10th and Fitzwater

A new mural, featuring a coffee cup with eye balls popping out of it, is currently going up at 10th and Fitzwater, above Morning Glory restaurant.

A photo posted by Becky (@phillybecky) on

This street art is a piece by Nikolay Milushev and Plamen Veltchev, both Philadelphia-based artists with a focus on contemporary art. Continue Reading →

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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square 

New location and funding being sought for 9th and Wharton mural

While hanging out at the new pop-up garden at 9th and Wharton, you might notice how much the mural featuring the faces of some of South Philly’s music and film stars is crumbling.


Photo of the mural from PhillyMag.

The deteriorating mural across from Pat’s King of Steaks was originally set to be whitewashed this spring before the opening of the pop-up garden. Instead of seeing this vanish forever, a new South Philly location and funding is being sought out to relocate this mural in a timely manner.

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