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What's Happening in:  Pennsport :  Whitman 

Snyder Plaza is getting a mural makeover

The Mural Arts Program has a big project happening in South Philly. Snyder Plaza is getting a colorful makeover with murals from four artists.

Day 3 mural progress report

A photo posted by Isaac T Lin (@tinwei) on

The box stores that occupy the plaza are already beginning to look less like a generic shopping center and more like a colorful destination. Continue Reading →

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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square 

New location and funding being sought for 9th and Wharton mural

While hanging out at the new pop-up garden at 9th and Wharton, you might notice how much the mural featuring the faces of some of South Philly’s music and film stars is crumbling.


Photo of the mural from PhillyMag.

The deteriorating mural across from Pat’s King of Steaks was originally set to be whitewashed this spring before the opening of the pop-up garden. Instead of seeing this vanish forever, a new South Philly location and funding is being sought out to relocate this mural in a timely manner.

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