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City asking where to put parklets. Here, maybe?

The Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities has issued a call for applications for another round of parklets, or parking spots that get transformed into permanent places to relax.

Plan Philly reports:

If you think your neighborhood could use a parklet, or if you’d like one outside of your business, check out the 2013 Parklet Guidelines [pdf]. Community support for the project is essential, as is the ability to maintain the parklet once built. Anyone interested should contact MOTU’s Ariel Ben-Amos via email for further information.

In University City, via Plan Philly. Wouldn’t something like that be nice down here?

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An explanation for all those little parks around the city

Dozens of parking-spot sized parklets are going to be popping up all around the city tomorrow, including three in South Philly.

The ephemeral, tiny parks are part of Park(ing) Day, a one-day statement against using cars in the city (just don’t tell some South Philly folk). Participants decorate the spots with plants and benches or artwork and hang out all day in the street.

She looks like she’s having fun – last year at 2nd and Market

“By turning parking spaces into instant parks, [National] Park(ing) Day is a creative way to demonstrate the real need to create more parks in our cities,” Will Rogers, president of the Trust for Public Land (not the TV cowboy), said in a news release.

Down south, they’ll be installed at Broad and Snyder, the 900 block of Wharton, and 15th and Mifflin. Check here for more information and who’s running them all around town. The miniparks are partially what inspired the University City District to create three permanent parklets in their neighborhood. Maybe this could encourage the East Passyunk BID and PARC to do the same down here. In front of Plenty, maybe?

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