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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Cool time-lapse video at East Passyunk Avenue and Broad Street

Property spotlighted this time-lapse video as their “Photo of the Week” and since it’s so cool, we might as well share it with you guys, too. 

A video posted by Chubs (@shaynemalcolm) on

Taken right by the new East Passyunk Avenue gateway, this time-lapse spotlights the hustle and bustle of a day at Passyunk and Broad.  Continue Reading →

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What's Happening in:  Queen Village 

More details on Performance Art Center of Kids

Last week, we told you about the Performance Art Center for Kids that quietly opened the doors at 729 S. 4th St. We were able to catch up with director Jessica Noel for some more information.

PACK had its beginnings as a way for Noel, an actor/singer/dancer by trade, to keep her love of the theater going after having a baby and slowing down on auditioning. She pitched the idea of an after school theater club to the principal of Meredith Elementary and PACK was born.

“The program evolved into 50 students with a common goal: storytelling through theater and dance,” Noel told us. “I knew that PACK was something special…so I made the decision to sign a commercial lease for rehearsals and classes, and I also found the perfect performance venue for children’s theater: The Arts Bank on Broad & South. We rent it for our shows. Leaving Meredith was a hard decision, but ultimately the right one. It has been a longtime dream of mine to have my own space. The timing was right.”

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