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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Noir, Pollyodd and Mancuso’s team up to create a boozy water ice

Noir, at 1909 E Passyunk Ave., has teamed up with the Pollyodd lemoncello shop and Mancuso’s cheese shop, which are both across the street, to create a couple water ice cocktails.

Pic from noir, via Grubstreet

Pic from noir, via Grubstreet

Grub Street reports that:

The cherry-favored brain-freezer is made with Mancuso’s cherry water ice and house-infused cherry vodka. The lemon and chocolate versions use the ice maker’s lemon and chocolate flavors, and Pollyodd’s lemoncello or chocolatecello. All run six bucks a piece, come garnished with a pretzel, and are available now.

$6? Not bad.

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Hawthorne’s rocks, Miles Table comes to South Street & Pollyodd wants to give away new flavors

Hawthorne’s at 738 S 11th St. Pic from Panoramio user Andy Dinh

Don’t mean to link dump here, but there was so much good South Philly stuff elsewhere yesterday that we figured we had to let you know about it.

There’s a new cafe coming to South Street, Pollyodd limoncello shop is offering new flavors and will be giving away samples, and Hawthorne’s brunch gets a rave review.

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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Pollyodd hopes to open at 1908 E Passyunk by next week

After Michael Klein’s nice write-up of Joan Verratti, the co-owner of the Pollyodd lemoncello (yes, that’s how she spells it) shop coming to 1908 E Passyunk Ave., we figured we would check in with her on the progress to make sure everything’s going smoothly.
Two flavors in the Delaware Ave store, with new labels

She said she hopes to open by the end of next week to give holiday shoppers plenty of time to stuff their loved ones’ stockings with her hooch. Her selection of flavored lemoncellos recently had been stocked in six more PLCB stores in the city, but she also told us that her store will be the only location where her fruit-flavored cream lemoncellos will be sold.

Otherwise, she surprised us by saying that she will not be offering samples of the stuff at the store, at least for now. The law allows up to a 1.5-ounce sample to each adult who visits, but apparently giving away free booze can really add up the tally on liability insurance. So Verratti said she’s just going to steer clear of free samples at this point. We urged her to reconsider, not because we want free stuff, but because I think I’d want to taste a chocolate cream lemoncello before I plunked down $23.99 on a full bottle.

But the walls are painted and the counter was to be installed this week, so they’re nearly ready. Verratti and partner Tom Cavaliere, the two-person team that distills all the liquor in their Point Breeze factory, will leave the facade alone for now, but they plan to dress it up with a new awning in the spring.

We’ll be sure to post some pics as soon as they store is ready to go.

Hopefully Pollyodd will be here by the end of next week
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What's Happening in:  East Passyunk Crossing 

Limoncello shop opening on the Avenue?

We didn’t even realize this was legal, but sure enough, a woman has applied for a limited distillery retail license to sell her specialty limoncello out of a Passyunk storefront.

Joan Verratti, whom Meal Ticket said in 2010 was the first licensed female distiller in the country since Prohibition, has been brewing 18 flavors of her Pollyodd Limoncello in Point Breeze and wants to open a shop at 1908 E. Passyunk. Four of the flavors, lemon, lime, orange and chocolate, were to have made their way into state stores this summer.

She goes before the EPX zoning committee tonight. Hours can’t exceed 11 p.m., but EPX says she wants to close earlier than that. The application says there will be no consumption on site besides a sample of 1.5 ounces per person. So you can’t get drunk there, just maybe have a night cap after dinner across the street at Le Virtu, if she’s wise enough to stay open during dinner hours.

In our eyes Verratti is picking the right kind of storefront. As you can see from the Google street view screen grab below, the building is in terrible shape. So anything she and partner Tom Cavaliere do will be an improvement. And all the spaces on that side of the 1900 block of Passyunk have weird, angular interiors, making rental difficult.

In other zoning news, the agenda is jam packed, including an update on what’s taking so long with the Cantina mural, revisions to the King of Jeans plans, and Fountain Porter’s request to stay open until 2 a.m., plus a lot of smaller items.

Needs a little TLC

UPDATE: Liquor license went up in the window. It’s really official, now.

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