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What's Happening in:  Pennsport :  Whitman 

Paving on Swanson Street a sign of things to come?

Have you seen that a large patch of Swanson Street between Target and ShopRite has been repaved? You may remember that we recently brought you the news that Adventurer’s Mini Golf was coming in May to 38 Jackson St. in Whitman and with it potential improvements to the street experience on Swanson Street.

According to Councilman Mark Squilla, those plans are in the works and this paving is part of a bigger plan.

Swanson Street ready for paving on April 3rd (Photo: James Jennings)

Swanson Street ready for paving on April 3 (Photo: James Jennings)

“I have been meeting with the Streets Department and Conrail on street improvements and a master plan for Swanson [Street],” Councilman Squilla wrote in an email. He also mentioned that potholes will continued to be filled along Swanson Street and that they look to hopefully re-stripe the stretch south of Snyder Avenue.

Check out the before and after pictures:

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What's Happening in:  Pennsport 

City-owned parking lot in Pennsport headed for development? Some opponents are organizing

Thanks to the neighborhood tipster who notified us of this story. If you want us to get to the bottom of something, please email us at

A city-owned parking lot near the popular Herron Playground in a booming section of Pennsport will be “marketed for sale for future development within the next 30 days,” according to a notice posted at the site that’s dated Nov. 7.

Parking at the lot, which is comprised of 1406-1412 S. 2nd St. and 206-210 Reed St., all owned by the city, is expected to end by Feb. 15, 2014, the letter says.

The view from the 1400 block of 2nd Street, from Google

The view from the 1400 block of 2nd Street, from Google

Some neighbors are organizing to oppose development of the lot because its 20 or so spots provide parking for visitors to the playground. The neighbors are starting a petition and have spoken with Councilman Mark Squilla, who one tipster told us that Squilla “said he met with neighbors and is exploring solutions.”

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See how much Mark Squilla and Kenyatta Johnson’s campaigns raised – and where they got the $$ from

Axis Philly has launched a neat new tool that lets you see all the campaign contributions for City Council and who the donors were.


To be clear, in its story announcing the tool, the public-interest news website didn’t single out Councilmen Mark Squilla (1st District, east of Broad) and Kenyatta Johnson (2nd District, west of Broad). That’s probably a good sign.

But you can still find some interesting information about them by sorting by year to see where the biggest donations came from in the city, state and country. For instance, a big cluster of Squilla donations in 2011 came from Continue Reading →

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What about a South Philly food pod? Squilla’s on it

In what could be an interesting, delicious development, Councilman Mark Squilla is planning to introduce legislation that would create “food pods,” or locations where clusters of food trucks could gather regularly. And one of them could very well be in South Philly – that is, if we all let Squilla know we want one down here.

Vendors in a Portland food pod. Photo: Ryan Briggs, via

The pods have popped up in Oakland and most notably, Portland, where 20 pods around that crunchy city (ever seen “Portlandia”?) have become a successful tool for neighborhood revitalization. The pods could create a weekly or even daily festival atmosphere, something like a smaller, more regular version of the popular Night Markets run by the Food Trust. If you remember, the first Night Market was held near the fountain in two years ago.

In Portland they’ve created destinations where there wasn’t much before.

Anchored by a brick-and-mortar German gastropub, the marketplace is essentially a parking lot jammed with food carts offering everything from Southern barbecue to Korean fusion to microbrew booze from some of the city’s well-loved brewers. One of more than 20 “food pods” scattered around the city, the pop-up food court is part of an explosive phenomenon in Portland that has radically expanded dining options in growing neighborhoods.

Squilla says that he plans to introduce legislation by November to create the pods as part of an effort to ease restrictions on where food trucks can set up shop around the city. No locations have been selected but he told the website Next American City that he has Northern Liberties and South Philly in mind as possibilities. We followed up with him to ask if he was open to suggestions. He is.

So, could the anchor for a food pod at, say, the Acme parking lot be the POPE? Do we even need an anchor? What about Columbus Square at 12th and Reed, plus a beer garden? Since you probably have better ideas, email Squilla at Email him with your support even if you don’t have an idea.

“Hopefully, we can incorporate some of the ideas we get,” Squilla told us. Sounds promising.

Spread the word. Put a link to this post on your Facebook page instructing your neighbors to email Squilla, or click the Recommend button below. The more ideas Squilla hears, the more likely this will come down South.

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