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What's Happening in:  All over South Philly 

Weekend Primer – a bevy of flea markets west of Broad, and a whole lotta other stuff to do.

Each week we strive to provide you with a comprehensive list of weekend activities in South Philly.  Did we miss your event?  Do you have an upcoming event you’d like us to post? Please email us at and we’ll be happy to add it.

Friday, 5/11

Saturday, 5/12

Sunday, 5/13

All Week

Assorted dates & times. Love Your Park WeekCity-wide park cleanup events, including many in South Philadelphia. Check out your volunteer options at


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What's Happening in:  Newbold :  West Passyunk 

2 Newbold businesses raided for illegal gambling, selling booze without a license, cops say

UPDATE: has some more info here.

Police swarmed the 1400 blocks of West Passyunk and Snyder avenues yesterday afternoon as they raided two businesses for allegedly selling liquor illegally and running underground card games.

Is that a TV?

Is that a TV the cop in yellow is holding? This is the Mediterranean Cafe on Passyunk

Cops seized a large quantity of liquor and $16,000 in cash during the raid, a source familiar with the raid told us. Two people were arrested at Cafe Italia, at 1424 Snyder Ave., and one was arrested at the Mediterranean, at 1427 Passyunk Ave., he said.

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What's Happening in:  Bella Vista :  Newbold :  West Passyunk 

Quick Hits: Pricier parking meters?; Later, Pancho’s; W. Passyunk fundraiser

And we’re back. Thank you all for your kinds words and condolences last week. It meant a lot during a trying time.

Passyunk parking meter

  • City Council is considering raising parking meter rates on commercial corridors outside Center City from 50 cents an hour to $1 an hour, reports the Daily News.
  • City Paper has some intel on what happened with Pancho’s Grill, the Mexican place at 7th and Passyunk that briefly opened amid licensing issues and disputes with neighbors.
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What's Happening in:  Girard Estate :  West Passyunk 

Cousin’s Grubhouse a sign of life in ‘South Philly’s Wild West’

The breakfast/lunch joint Cousin’s Grubhouse, which we told you was revamped in March 2013, got some much-deserved praise in the City Paper last week.

Cousin's Grubhouse

Reviewer Adam Erace says the place, at 2340 S. Hemberger St., on West Passyunk near 23rd Street, is making “foodie baby steps for a bacon, egg and cheese crowd.” He liked the pancakes, pulled pork, biscuits and more, but he noted that the restaurant is doing more than just serving good food:

Though the food is terrific and the prices dirt cheap, Grubhouse is almost more important for what it represents for this neighborhood, where the nearby corners host Philip’s Steaks, Dati’s Water Ice and the kind of nail salons with Gina Gershon-in-Cocktail faces emblazoned on the signs and windows.

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Street cleaning program, another gateway planned for West Passyunk

The Newbold Community Development Corporation is planning to start a street-cleaning program in March on Passyunk and Snyder avenues west of Broad, one of several initiatives planned for 2014 to tame what some people have referred to as the “Wild West of Passyunk Avenue.”

Horizon House, a local service provider for individuals with intellectual disabilities, will provide a two-person workforce to clean four hours a day, four days a week, said Newbold CDC President Tim Lidiak.

“Our major goal for 2014 is to address the litter problem along our two ‘main’ streets of West Passyunk and Snyder, from Broad to 18th streets,” Lidiak said. “Doing this while at the same time providing employment for individuals in need is a win-win for all of us.”

But then there’s also this:

Sweet dreams are made of this.

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What's Happening in:  Passyunk Square :  Queen Village :  West Passyunk 

Quick Hits: Check out your landlord, flower shop for sale, Grubhouse praise, turkey donations


  • A Temple University graduate student has launched a website where you can rate your landlord and check out others before renting. It’s geared toward students but is pretty interesting for any potential renter – even though grammatically, it’s driving us crazy that it’s not called “Who’s Your Landlord.”
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