Cops are coming for you, bikers

P’yunk Square Civic issued a warning this week that police will be targeting bicycle riders for stricter rule enforcement in the 3rd District, which covers the area on the east side of Broad from Lombard Street all the way down to the Navy Yard.

I know my bike looks like this

Cops will be issuing warnings until Labor Day then full-fledged tickets as if you’re a motorist. That means you need to make a full stop at all stop signs, wait for red lights to turn green and ride the correct way on one-way streets. And for god’s sake, stay off the sidewalk.

The stepped-up enforcement is part of Mayor Nutter’s Give Respect – Get Respect program that began last year and encourages bikers to follow the rules of the road. During last summer’s crackdown in Center City, cops issued 1,142 tickets, meaning this is worth taking seriously – or at least when you see a cop.

So, bikers, admit it. Do you always follow all the rules?

One thought on “Cops are coming for you, bikers

  • August 14, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    It’s obvious that the people who made these rules do not ride bikes in the city. I’ve been riding here since the mid 80s and have been cut off by careless or rude drivers and have had car doors open in front of me as cars were passing. If I pass a red light, it’s only after I stop, and because it would be safer for me to go, instead of waiting for several vehicles and myself to go all at once and risk a dangerous situation. Once, someone passed me on the right and made a left right in front of me and I hit the slammed into the side of the van, hard. I could have been killed. The hit was hard enough for the driver to know I hit him. The driver just kept on going. Tell me that’s not scary. Yes, I do ride on the sidewalk at times. It’s only if there are no people walking. If I do HAVE to hit the pavement because of a huge truck/bus or a reckless driver going past beyond the speed limit and passing me with only an inch or two between me and them. I always ride slowly on the sidewalk and always stop near every corner or blind spot. I always smile and excuse myself if I pass a person and walk my bike past them. People seem to have no problem with me. It’s the drivers who can be nasty and scream to scare me and crash or spit, throw things or yell awful things as they pass. I’ve been cut off on purpose several times like drivers think it’s some video game. I agree that people need to follow the rules, but there are times that it can be much safer to go the wrong way down a small street to avoid the occasional idiot on the larger streets out to clip riders and show us no respect. I zig-zag through the smaller streets and never had an issue. Side note: Before he was Mayor, I was pulling onto the curb to lock my bike and there was Michael Nutter right in front of me. If I were reckless, I would have hit him. I said excuse me Mr. Nutter and he smiled and said that’s alright. It seemed to have little to no effect on him. The bike rules and respect need to apply to all motor vehicle operators and passengers. I will abide by the new bike rules when that happens, which is highly unlikely. There should be laws protecting us bikers so we can turn in people who try and cut us off or yell at the top of their lungs to scare me into falling or throw things at me or just curse me out for just being near their path. Plus we aren’t spewing petrol fumes and shooting each other for parking spots. I do my best to work my way through the streets and avoid vehicles and people as much as possible, to have a safe ride. If that means going the wrong way down a seldom used street, I consider that safer riding. Some of the recent influx of hundreds of bike riders have totally ruined it for us long term safe riders. I follow my own rules and have never had a problem in the 25+ yrs. I’ve been riding, minus the more recent, arrogant, reckless riders who don’t seem to care about others or even themselves as they race through the streets and sidewalks. Don’t come down on us all for the inconsiderate, dangerous actions of some.

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