Hope for the Triangle Tavern

Meal Ticket reported that the Triangle Tavern across from CVS at 10th and Reed has leased the space to partners opening a new bar – maybe.

The Triangle, via Meal Ticket

A source said that the building owner has leased the space to partners who want to open a new restaurant but didn’t cough up the details. The crew that owns the Cantina and Royal Tavern, Steve Simons and Dave Frank, was reportedly interested in the space but that deal fell through when the building owners wanted too big a cut, the blog reported. One tantalizing tidbit from an earlier post, which hasn’t been confirmed, was this rumor:

No word yet on what it is the Simons and Frank shall do at the Triangle. At one point Frank was heard to have been looking for a space to place Farmers Cabinet cocktail expats Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal.

Even if that’s only wishful thinking, it’s OK to dream, right? Because it’s about time the new Passyunk wave took over that place. It’s been kinda creepy for a while.