Plenty remodels, opens for breakfast

After the quickest remodeling this side of the Mississippi, Plenty opened for breakfast Monday morning at

Much more seating

The changes aren’t drastic, but there are definite improvements. The counter has been enlarged and turned into a coffee bar, making room for a two-port La Marzocco espresso machine. They’re also brewing regular coffee – all La Colombe – and selling beans to go.

The eight-seat communal table has been ditched in favor of seven tables seating 18 people, plus the four original seats at the window counter (better for people-watching).The former cold case that held cheeses, prepared meals and salads is gone and so is the ice-cream freezer in the back of the room. We believe they’re still going to be selling those items, but we still trying to get in contact today with Anthony Mascieri for more details (he was out when we stopped in). They also plan a juice bar along the back wall.

The new menu – $5.50 to $7 – consists of five breakfast sandwiches, mostly upscale takes on meat, egg and cheese. The fried egg, smoked brisket and cheddar on an artisan roll sounds like a delicious artery clogger, but there’s also a more sensible scrambled eggs, roasted red peppers and pesto on 7-grain toast. Plus there are muffins and other pastries, a greek yogurt parfait and they’ll be doing specials daily.

There’s a sign up saying they have a new website, but it looks like the old one and hasn’t been updated to include the new hours, which start at 7 a.m.

Check back later today for some updates.

Warmer colors than the old, spartan Plenty
The new coffee bar, face with old produce crates
The shiny new equipment
Imagine a juice bar here


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