Vandalism on Frank Rizzo mural gets fixed

A painter was up on a scissor lift Monday covering up the black paint that was splattered last month on the Frank Rizzo mural at the Italian Market.

Tending to the man’s tarnished face

Someone threw the paint on a handful of spots on the mural of the larger than life former mayor and police commissioner – including on his face. They also spray-painted the word “Fascista” in red over his chest.

The mural, which was finished in 1995, had just been spruced up in 2010 at a cost of $20,000. Interesting note: the mural rededication was held Oct. 23, 2010, to mark Rizzo’s birthday.

That surely pissed off a few people, considering Rizzo remains such a divisive figure – even though it’s been more than 30 years since he held any public office. Any discussion of the mural (online anyway) turns heated quick among the passionate camps who equally believe he was a great or horrible man. Let’s see if the haters give up and leave the mural alone.

It’s as if the paint is streaming from the part that’s fixed already 
Mr. Rizzo, you got some schmutz on your suit
Pretty neat. Not bad for an iPhone, huh?