What’s that pile of dirt at soon-to-be Garage?

For those hoping for a quick opening at the forthcoming Garage across from Geno’s on Passyunk, you’re stomachs are going to be grumbling for a while.

As you can see, not very restauranty

Jackhammers were rumbling this week and yesterday a crew was digging out the soil inside the cavernous space. Though we only were able to get a quick glimpse of the inside, it appears there’s plenty of work left to do. Almost all of it, actually.

Owners Jason and Delphine Evenchik came up with a fantastic idea of tapping into the food truck craze with Garage. They plan on working with Honest Tom’s taco truck and a rotating roster of other food trucks to feed the patrons inside. They’ll also have a food cart with their own menu of “modern American street food from around the country,” Jason told GrubStreet. Add big TVs, foosball, a bar and seating for 30, and you got yourself some serious potential.

From last week. Not too pretty yet.

The pair also own similarly one-word restaurants Vintage, Time and Bar around 13th and Sansom. They’re also taking over the old Vesuvio in Bella Vista and calling it – naturally – Growlers.

We’ll update you when we hear back from them. Meanwhile, since you won’t actually see them in the flesh for a while down this way, here’s an interview of them talking about their first three restaurants.