Garage shoots for Nov.1 opening date – and they might actually make it

Jason Evenchik, owner of the upcoming Garage across from Geno’s, got back to us after we raised the question of all that dirt that was piled in front of the propertya couple weeks ago. He told us that the building’s owner had to do some soil samples before they could continue, but the big news is that Garage is coming a lot sooner than you think.

Evenchik said they’re hoping to start building in a couple weeks and are shooting for a Nov. 1 opening date. That’s actually more doable than it sounds because they plan to preserve the concrete floors and walls and really only need to build the bar and bathrooms. Permits are ready to go.

The place will be huge. They’re keeping those steel beams exposed.

The set-up will be slightly different from what we first reported (that there will be food trucks and a set menu). Actually, a customized food cart will be a permanent fixture inside, running on natural gas.

“As far as the food truck operators,” Evenchik said in a phone interview, “we’re gonna rotate them through. We’ll book ’em like bands. Monday might be Korean tacos, Tuesday might be Tyson Bees, Wednesday maybe Trinidadian food [Mini Trini].”

The truck operators will prep off site and sling their grub from the cart, so there won’t be a line of trucks out front. “They’ll be like guest chefs,” Evenchik said. Partner Josh McCullough is working with the Philly Mobile Food Association and the Food Trust, which runs the Night Markets, to set the schedule.

Inside, think industrial warehouse for the look, about 50 seats, 150 beers in cans only, a handful of affordable wines and a full bar, plus TVs playing Phils and Eagles. So is it a sports bar?

“More like a man den, couple pool tables, foosball, skeeball. Games to play and things to do as well. Kind of like what we do at Bar on a larger scale with more room.” At just under 3,000 square feet, it’s much more than Bar, one of Evenchik and his wife Delphine’s three places near 13th and Sansom. The others are wine bar Vintage (beware automatic, jazzy music on the website) and whiskey/music bar Time. Another, Growler in the old Vesuvio space in Bella Vista, is planned for next month.

A clear garage door on the front will slide open in nice weather, giving the place an inside-outside feel. “People watching down in that area is pretty phenomenal,” said Evenchik, who lives nearby on 10th Street. “We all live in South Philly.” The other partners are Terrance Leach and Sal D’Amato.

Imagine it with a clear garage door, and without all that pink shit 

They’ll open seven days a week, from about 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., opening earlier on game days, with food the whole time. Outside cheesesteaks will also be allowed in, though Evenchik said the “target market is not the cheesesteak tourist crowd. Its people living in South Philly.”

Another plus? He’s keeping your wallet in mind. “We want it to be somewhere you can go if you want Oskar Blues [Dale’s Pale Ale, etc.] brew or Colorado crafts or if you want PBR and Narragansett. It’ll definitely be affordable. Somewhere you can hang out – a lot.”
OK, you twisted my arm.
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