Old Allstate office isn’t vacant after all – plus, storefront artwork

You might have been wondering, as we were, what the holdup was at the old Allstate office at 1716 E. Passyunk Ave. Even though progress appeared to have stalled from the outside, a team of workers was busy toiling away making it all pretty inside.

Lawyer and South Philly resident Robert Brand bought the building in December 2010 for $280,000. In the meantime, he renovated the place and gave up his Center City office. If you happen to need legal help, check him out here. As his website says, he represents “The Brand name in personal injury law.” Get it?

This ugly facade will be taken care of soon

As you can see, the storefront windows aren’t too stimulating at this point, but Brand has a plan for that. When we surprised him by popping in yesterday, he said he plans to enliven the display windows with a little bit of self-promotion and plenty of art installations. He said he knows lots of artists.

Good idea keeping that tin ceiling
Say hi, Robert! Sorry for the bad picture quality

The desire to walk to work rather than commute to Center City was also a factor with the recent news that video production firm Pattern and Motion would open their office in PARC-owned 1820 E. Passyunk Ave, where Sweet Jane vintage used to be. In fact, we’ll have more next week on how East Passyunk is becoming more of an employment node. That’s great news, considering a recent Center City District study that found a relative dearth of jobs outside Center City and University City.

Google street view from 2009

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  • September 14, 2012 at 7:10 pm

    That tin ceiling is sweet.

  • September 14, 2012 at 7:42 pm

    “Super sweet!” We’ll give $1 to the first commenter who can name where that quote comes from. Seriously.

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