Rumor Mill: Bakery coming to La Piu Bella space?

Things are happening at the old La Piu Bella wedding shop at 1611 E. Passyunk, which has been vacant and for sale for at least two years now. Demolition work was being done last week to the interior, and a sign with a phone number advertising an apartment rental went up in the window.

Not vacant for long, at least we think so

Thanks to the power of Google, the phone number led us to the website for Vanilya Bakery, which makes fancy cakes for weddings and other such celebrations, plus cookies, cupcakes, candy and other sweets. The website says it’s owned by a woman named Bonnie, who recently moved back to Philly from Brooklyn. We’ve left a couple messages with Bonnie, but she hasn’t called us back yet.

There are no records that a sale has gone down, but the magic of the internet told us that in May the building’s owner, Anthony Ereivelli, was granted a permit-use change to operate a “retail bakery.” That all sounds like there’s a pretty good chance Bonnie will be opening something there. What do you say, Bonnie? Wanna give us some more details?

UPDATE: Bonnie got back in touch with us and gave a bit of a cryptic response. “As of now, no final decisions have been made,” she said in an email. “But I will keep you up to date when I have more news. Thanks for your interest.”

So that’s not a confirm or deny. So, we’ll see.

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