SoPhilly Spotlight: Possibilities edition

This week’s SoPhilly Spotlight comes ripe with potential – and it already has a kick-ass apartment. The double-wide, 3,600 square foot property at 813 Ellsworth St. has a raw garage space on the first floor, and a massive 2-bedroom on the second floor.

Not too pretty yet, via Google maps

Listed by PruFoxRoach for $439,000, you could live in the place upstairs, build a new one downstairs and rent it out, or make it all one humongous house right around the corner from Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar.
From the listing:

Double-wide property in the Italian Market, Passyunk Square area. 1st floor is a full length garage with high ceilings and offers many possibilities for development. 2nd floor has a nice size 2 bedroom apartment with a front and rear deck. Similar property on the street was converted into a single family home.

The location may be low on atmosphere – across the street a mechanic, albeit the best in the neighborhood (You hear that, Don?). But who cares when you have that much space to roam around inside?

The pictures with the listing are particularly terrible, so please forgive us. And there’s no shot of the garage, so you have to wonder how much work actually needs to be done.

Deck could use a little work

One thought on “SoPhilly Spotlight: Possibilities edition

  • October 8, 2012 at 5:10 pm

    I toured this place three years ago and I can’t believe the guy wont’ budge on price. I’ve seen the garage, and it needs a ton of work. The upstairs isn’t great either. I agreed to see it since I agreed, it does have a lot of potential.

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