East Passyunk is a “design district” of festival

The 3rd annual Design Philadelphia festival is bigger than ever, and East Passyunk has been designated one of three design districts in the city. That means there will be about a dozen events, discussions and tours between today and Sunday focusing on design, sustainability and good ol’ city livin’.

A little buttering up from the brochure:

South Philadelphia’s charm and unique character has contributed to its evolution today as a great place to live, work, visit, eat, drink, shop and explore. Rich in culture and home to an influx of creatives, the neighborhood has become quintessentially Philadelphian.

Sounds about right. Some of the highlights include a a symposium on green wall design at Urban Jungle and a look at how the smallest grocery store in the known universe, Green Aisle, manages to seem so much bigger.

Plus, the Passyunk Square Civic Association’s annual home tour on Saturday has been scooped up as one of the official Design Philly events. Check here for a good rundownof the South Philly dates and times.The event also coincides with Second Saturday, so this weekend should see quite a lot of people out and about. Good thing we have valet now.