Stateside pride, and other Philly Love Notes

The author enjoying a drink, via Philly Love Notes

Social media consultant Swabreen Bakr heaped praise upon our neighborhood’s most-praised restaurant in a post to the website Philly Love Notes. She loves the neighborhood feel, the bartenders, the menu, etc.

I would describe food at Stateside as soul food, not as in the traditional style of African American soul food, but in the sense that the food has a lot of soul and it is very approachable in terms of taste. The depth of flavors are really intense and really incredibly delicious, this is a great place to try new things and get out of your culinary comfort zone.

But one of the main reasons we’re posting this link, though, is that this website has a lot of love notes – 100 as of today, in fact – and scrolling through it gave us a lot of ideas for weekend excursions. There’s lots of pretty pictures too.